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Session: How to troubleshoot various Microsoft Teams Issues using Automated Diagnostics at #TeamsNation

Hello attendees of the #TeamsNation 2022 conference, here is the link of the slide deck of my session:

How to troubleshoot various Microsoft Teams Issues using Automated Diagnostics – Sara Barbosa.pptx

Learn more about covered scenarios and how to run the diagnostics below:

Self-help diagnostics for Microsoft Teams administrators

Self-help diagnostics for issues in Exchange Online and Outlook

Self-help diagnostics for SharePoint Online and OneDrive

Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer*


Sara Barbosa

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I’ll be speaking at #TeamsNation 2022


I haven’t posted anything since 2020… sorry for that, but you probably know… so many things have happened: Covid19, new job, new country… but I recognize that not being here on my own blog is all my fault, but this explanation can wait a bit longer.

I wanted to let you know that tomorrow I will be speaking at the #TeamsNation conference and I wanted you to attend this amazing conference, more info here:

My session is scheduled to start at 12pm UTC, and I’ll be showing you how to troubleshoot various MS teams issues using the automated diagnostics available in the M365 Admin Center.


See you there,

Sara Barbosa

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Meetup | Berlin Power BI User Group – Talking about Power BI Governance

This post is a promoting of a message posted on

Hi Power BI enthusiasts,

we’re keeping up our pace, and will deliver another event in May. Microsoft MVP Sara Barbosa will speak about Power BI Governance, a topic, which we didn’t cover in our previous events, yet is very important.
The good thing about Power BI, that it is easy to set up and use, can turn into a negative one, when there is no proper administration in place.
Sara Barbosa will give an overview of the Power BI Admin Center, as well as share some best practices she established over time being a Microsoft 365 Administrator.
It will be an online event again, scheduled for Tuesday, May 26 at 7:00 PM CEST. Link to the event will be provided in time before it starts.

Hope to see you there and until then, stay healthy and keep CALCULATEing on!

Chris, Artur & Sara

Details you can always find on the event page: and the directly link to join this meetup is

I hope to see you in a bit.


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Eventos | Agenda 20 a 23 de Abril 2020

Olá pessoal,

Espero que todos estejam bem e salvos em casa! E para quem não pode ficar em casa e estava lutando/trabalhando em áreas essenciais – Muito obrigada!

Essa pandemia vai trazer muitas consequências, e os problemas nem mesmo realmente começaram e alguns estudiosos dizem que a única salvação que já pode ser prevista é para quem tem conhecimento ou quem esta pronto para o “novo normal”, pensando nisso eu gostaria de divulgar alguns eventos para essa semana e espero que isso possa ser uma pequena ajuda aos que estão “perdidos” procurando saber o que fazer com tanto tempo livre> estude, aprenda coisa coisas nova, capacitação talvez seja o melhor remédio para nós nesse momento.

Bom, chega de papo e segue abaixo os eventos na qual vou palestrar e também vou participar para aprender com colegas.

MVPWeek Latam 2020 | Semana 1 – 20 a 23.04



VladTalksTech | Webinar Dia 21.04



Why the Microsoft 365 Administrator should care about the Power Platform Governance?


Join your host Microsoft MVP Vlad Catrinescu as well as special guest & Microsoft MVP Sara Barbosa on this free webinar to talk about the Power Platform.
Microsoft 365 Administrator is no longer only responsible for administering Exchange Online or SharePoint Online. Every day the Microsoft 365 platform evolved and new features are released generates more demands for administrators one of them is the Governance of Microsoft Flow, Power apps, and Power BI.
In this webinar you’ll be learning tips and tricks on how to create Power Platform DLP policies and alerts, control Security roles, use Audit logs and usage reports while maintaining compliance and a secure environment for MS Flow, Power Apps and Power BI.

Espero te ver online lá!


Sara Barbosa

Microsoft Teams

Criar uma conta free do Microsoft Teams utilizando o e-mail do gmail

Olá Pessoal,

Gravei alguns passos de como criar uma conta no Microsoft Teams utilzando apenas meu e-mail do gmail, ao final do processo eu terei uma versão gratuita do Teams para utilizar – reveja as Versões do Microsoft Teams , mas mesmo assim já ajuda muito. Espero que seja útil.

Vídeo sem audio – apenas com passo a passo que fiz:

Enjoy it,

Sara Barbosa

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Global Power Platform Bootcamp 2020 – Berlin

Hi there,

Few weeks ago I was presenting a session at Global Power Platform Bootcamp in Berlin.


That session topic I created based on many lessons learned recently. During my session I was talking about the importance adding Power Platform as part of the admin tasks, as is not anymore only EXO, SPO, O4B, Teams etc which a M365 Admin needs pay attention. I also know that it is a total new world for us, but we cannot avoid take many actions to prevent, govern and deliver solutions to our business users which are seeking to use the power of the tools.

I am writing this post not to give you details about the session, but to share the slides deck and invite you to join me at SPS Warsaw Online on April 3rd  where I’ll be speaking about the same topic.

GPPB 2020 Slide desk are here:


Register to SPS Warsaw Online, using this link:


See you there.

Sara Barbosa

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SPS Bremen 2020

Hi There,

Some weeks ago I was delivering a session at SPS Bremen. My talk was about taking advantages of Power BI to build MS 365 Usage Reports, I had a nice and funny day together with Microsoft community.




and as I promised during my session below you can find the link to my slide deck.

Slides Deck:


Enjoy it and I hope see you soon.

Sara Barbosa

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Power Platform World Tour – Munich

Hi there,

I have been posting here only about events where I was a speaking, right?

Smile with tongue out Yeah, I know that here is missing many many other contents. One positive thing of it that is I am generating few nice slides deck which you can use as much as you can, negative point is there is no more new technical article. So sorry for that… Maybe next year things can be changed.

Nevertheless, the goal for this post is share about one more event I did in Munich on November 5th. Jena Coffie PP Community leader invited me to deliver two sessions at Power Platform World Tour, the event is happening around the world and it is covering all the solutions under the Microsoft Power Platform such as MS Automate, Power Apps, Dynamics 365 and Power BI.


There I had two session, the first one was about Power BI Governance & Best Practices and as you can see above I had such a nice audience, all the slide content you can find here (also I learned that is necessary to reduce the content if I only have 1 hour Smile with tongue out):


Second session I was delivering the same as I did last year during the Ignite The Tour in Berlin, of course I did few changes but the main proposal stayed. You can also find the slides below, there is not a lot of content but I added few Flows screenshot in case you want to replicate it yourself.


If you were there, please send me a message saying ‘Hi’, if you were not I hope you enjoy the content above and maybe next time we can meet in somewhere.

Sara Barbosa

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aOS Aachen – 2019

Hi everyone!

I participated as a speaker at aOS conference in Aachen this year and it was an interesting experience. I’ve also meet friends from the nice community and joined German sessions to train the ears a little.

Speakers Aachen 2019 1Speakers Aachen 2019 2

During my session I did (tried) make my intro in German for the first time,  perhaps I need to improve a lot not only German but English skills hahahhahah. My session was based on MS Teams Use Cases and how is the new way to work as a Team with MS Teams, I had basically demos prepared and added some cases to help on new Team Structure creation which I showed in the end of the session.

As few nice attends after the session asked for the slides, here they are:


I would like to say a big thank you to Patrick and Sascha which accepted my session, also to all speakers, sponsors and attends that made this great day  happened!

So that’s it! A short post just to share the slides while I am here in Duisburg waiting for my train back to Berlin (btw the train is delayed 35 minutes).


Sara Barbosa

Microsoft Flow

Salvar anexos e encaminhar e-mails recebidos usando Microsoft Flow

Salvar anexos e encaminhar e-mails recebidos usando Microsoft Flow

Oi Pessoal,

Tenho uma dica simples para compartilhar.

Tive uma demanda essa semana de pegar todos os e-mails de aprovação de férias que chegam em minha caixa postal e encaminhar para o RH, eu fazia isso manualmente porque usamos uma ferramenta terceira para administrar o fluxo de aprovação entre minha requisição e a aprovação do meu gerente e não há integração com o time do RH – não me pergunte o porquê hehehhe.

Usando o Microsoft Flow temos conectores para Outlook, Gmail e Office 365 Outlook e sendo assim consigo manipular itens que chegam na minha caixa postal, não é só encaminhar o e-mail que é possível, você pode salvar os anexos no seu onedrive ou SharePoint, pode criar itens em bibliotecas do SharePoint, postar mensagens no Microsoft Teams etc. O meu cenário é simples e eu poderia ter feito com regras do outlook, mas como também gosto de salvar as confirmações no meu OneDrive optei por fazer via MS Flow.


Sempre que um e-mail chegar com o assunto: “Solicitação de férias aprovadas por Daniel” > Salvar o anexo do e-mail no meu OneDrive for Business > encaminhar e-mail para RH e adicionar uma mensagem padrão.

Como fiz:

Connector: Office 365 Outlook

Vou monitorar minha caixa postal usando o conector do Office 365 Outlook:


when an new email arrives

Você consegue fazer o mesmo com e

Configurações de regras do connector:

Adicionando regras quando o e-mail chegar, por exemplo qual pasta devo monitorar, se existe anexos, para quem foi enviado, classificação de importancia e o assunto do e-mail são as opções atuais para configurar as regras.

No meu caso eu quero monitorar o título, pois a ferramenta que usamos para aprovar férias sempre manda o e-mail de confirmação com o mesmo título e arquivo em pdf com as informações da solicitação:

when an new email arrives - settings

Ação 1: Salvar a confirmação (arquivo pdf) no OneDrive for Business:

Conector: OneDrive for Business


Selecionei a pasta do OneDrive, apliquei a ação para o anexo do e-mail e o arquivo receberá o nome do anexo e o conteudo será o próprio anexo, bem simples o próprio Flow vai te guiar nas configurações. No final ficará dessa forma:


Ação 2: Encaminhar o e-mail original para RH:

Connector: Office 365 Outlook

Selecionando o conector do outlook novamente, eu pesquisei por “Forward”, essa ação ainda está em preview, mas funciona bem.

Adicionei para quem vou encaminhar o e-mail e adicionei um comentário:




O Diagrama do Flow fica simples e fácil de administrar, são apenas 3 etapas:


Na caixa postal é possível notar se o workflow está funcionando:


Consultar a mensagem customizada e o resultado do encaminhamento na caixa de saída:


E monitorar a saúde do fluxo utilizando os logs do próprio MS Flow:


Bom, era isso, simples assim!

Espero que vocês gostem e explorem mais do potencial do MS Flow, esse site tem muitos treinamentos para ajudar a colocar em prática as ideias:


Sara Barbosa


Evento – D’Noite com o Microsoft Teams

Blog do Lopez

E iniciou-se mais um novo ciclo de eventos da comunidade técnica brasileira de Office 365, denominado “D’Noite com o Microsoft Teams”. Neste evento, definimos que a ferramenta foco desta temática será o Hub de Trabalho do Microsoft Teams, pelo vasto poder de colaboração e produtividade, e pelas inúmeras opções e integrações que temos com o uso desta ferramenta.

As opções de uso do Microsoft Teams para qualquer tipo de organização e negócio são vastas. Desde instituições de ensino utilizando para tornar as salas de aulas mais atrativas e modernas, com recursos do OneNote e planejamento de atividades com o Planner, a engenheiros e gerentes de projeto gerindo melhor seus arquivos no SharePoint e com co-autoria e versionamento. Há até as empresas que vão optar por avançar um pouco mais e criar Botsde interação com a Nuvem do Office 365, consumindo os recursos de cada um dos…

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#MSIgniteTheTour Berlin, how was it?


Hi there,

I’d like to share with you that last week Microsoft held the first edition of Ignite The Tour in Berlin on 6 and 7 of December. The conference happened at Berlin Messe, and we had around 2.000 attendees in the both days. We had a nice organization, many opportunities to make networking with German companies, local Communities and Microsoft employees, and in my case I met the MS Flow Product Manager, MVP Lead of Germany, MS Teams Product Manager and Fasttrack Product Manager. Of course I saw my colleagues MVPs: Mr. OneDrive Hans Brender and Raphael Köllner.

I had a honor of delivering 3 sessions (2 Theaters and 1 breakout), wow, it was an amazing experience to talk for more than 300 attendees and also a big challenge to deliver sessions of 15 minutes.


If you want to see the material, I’ve posted the slides on my OneDrive, feel free to download:

Were you in my session? Please send me feedback if you have enjoyed and what else do you want to learn in the future?

My personal recommendations is if you are planning to attend the tour, check all the upcoming cities here.

    1. Don’t be shy, talk with the Microsoft Experts;
    2. Visit the Meet the Experts and ask your question;
    3. Visit the Diversity and Tech Lounge to learn how to join the community and how to be a mentor;

To finish, I want to say thank to all attendees that were in my session, Anna Chu and Microsoft in general for the opportunity and say a big thank you to Marcos S2, my colleagues in Berlin that have attended my sessions: Arturo Polanco, Sebastian Schütze, Sebastian Goers and special to Andreas Rohr that was in all of the sessions <3.

See you next time.

Sara Barbosa

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Eventos Novembro 2018 – #Microsoft365

Olá  pessoal,

O ano de 2018 está terminando cheio de eventos bacanas para comunidade Microsoft 365, para mês de novembro temos 2 eventos que recomendo a vocês:

Dia 29.11: Microsoft 365 Community Day –

Dia 19 a 23.11: Project Week Experience edição 2018:

Estarei palestrando no Project Week Experience, como ano passado você precisa se inscrever na sessão desejada, por isso para participar da minha sessão segue os detalhes abaixo:


Dia 22 de novembro – ás 14h

Link: Sara Barbosa


Sara Barbosa