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aOS Aachen – 2019

Hi everyone!

I participated as a speaker at aOS conference in Aachen this year and it was an interesting experience. I’ve also meet friends from the nice community and joined German sessions to train the ears a little.

Speakers Aachen 2019 1Speakers Aachen 2019 2

During my session I did (tried) make my intro in German for the first time,  perhaps I need to improve a lot not only German but English skills hahahhahah. My session was based on MS Teams Use Cases and how is the new way to work as a Team with MS Teams, I had basically demos prepared and added some cases to help on new Team Structure creation which I showed in the end of the session.

As few nice attends after the session asked for the slides, here they are:


I would like to say a big thank you to Patrick and Sascha which accepted my session, also to all speakers, sponsors and attends that made this great day  happened!

So that’s it! A short post just to share the slides while I am here in Duisburg waiting for my train back to Berlin (btw the train is delayed 35 minutes).


Sara Barbosa

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