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Power Platform World Tour – Munich

Hi there,

I have been posting here only about events where I was a speaking, right?

Smile with tongue out Yeah, I know that here is missing many many other contents. One positive thing of it that is I am generating few nice slides deck which you can use as much as you can, negative point is there is no more new technical article. So sorry for that… Maybe next year things can be changed.

Nevertheless, the goal for this post is share about one more event I did in Munich on November 5th. Jena Coffie PP Community leader invited me to deliver two sessions at Power Platform World Tour, the event is happening around the world and it is covering all the solutions under the Microsoft Power Platform such as MS Automate, Power Apps, Dynamics 365 and Power BI.


There I had two session, the first one was about Power BI Governance & Best Practices and as you can see above I had such a nice audience, all the slide content you can find here (also I learned that is necessary to reduce the content if I only have 1 hour Smile with tongue out):


Second session I was delivering the same as I did last year during the Ignite The Tour in Berlin, of course I did few changes but the main proposal stayed. You can also find the slides below, there is not a lot of content but I added few Flows screenshot in case you want to replicate it yourself.


If you were there, please send me a message saying ‘Hi’, if you were not I hope you enjoy the content above and maybe next time we can meet in somewhere.

Sara Barbosa

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